National Puppet Theater regularly presenting colorful activities for children and adults in form of Puppets. read more

National Performing Art Group (NPAG)

Arranges music performances of seasoned and young artists. read more

National Puppet Theatre (NPT)

NPT is organizing regular shows twice a month at PNCA Islamabad and once a month at Liaquat Memorial Hall Rawalpindi. read more

Cultural Pacts Implementation Division (CPI)

Implements bilateral cultural pacts relating to performing and visual arts. read more

Heart Strings of Heritage vol. I, II,and III

These Books are available for sale at National & International Level read more


PNCA is a custodian of over one thousand works of art by the leading Pakistani artists.

Short Film Contest

Send your entries through the link given below: Click here for entry

National Poster Competition

National Poster Competition on Pakistan’s rapid population growth and its cross-cutting impact read more

Performing Arts Division (PAD)

Facilitates the promotion of performing arts i.e. music, dance, drama, puppetry and allied art forms. read more

Visual Arts Division (VAD)

VAD promotes various forms of visual arts e.g. paintings, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, film making etc. read more

Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal

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Short Film Contest