Celebrating Yaum-e-Pakistan (23rd March) with Movies!

Pakistani movie industry is presently going through a revival period after a long decade of decline. With the release of Waar, in 2013, the industry started focusing on movies with underlying tones of war and patriotism. These tones or genres have been received rather well by audiences across the nation, asserting proud nationalistic association majority of the population holds.

With that in view, we present to you a list of movies that you can watch with your family and friends, from the comforts of your homes and celebrate the vigor and enthusiasm of this years Yaum-e-Pakistan.

  • Khuda Kay Liye (2007)

With an 89% score on Rotten Tomatoes, Khuda Kay Liyay vindicates regressive islamic approach and challenges the conjecture of shoddy filmmaking standards of Pakistani cinema.

The movie might not possess a direct patriotic tone, yet it is a quintessence of a human’s need for association with their national identity. The movie explicitly deals with the difference of opinion between the westernized, educated, liberal Muslims and their counterparts, practicing Muslims who cannot deal with the liberal approaches towards Islam. The true essence of the movie can be captured in the following depiction of a maulana by the living legend Naseeruddin Shah.

  • Waar (2013)

Waar, primarily an engligh language movie revolves around  counter-terrorism operation being conducted in the northwestern tribal region of Pakistan. Bilal Lashari captures the essence of action , with top notch acting from  Shaan Shahid,  Hamza Ali Abbasi , Shamoon Abbassi, Ayesha Khan and Meesha Shafi. Lashari’s directorial was received so well that a rumor of a sequel was eventually confirmed, that we for one, are eagerly waiting for! Take a look at the opening scene from the movie and  you will see what all the fuss was about back in 2013.

  • Operation 021 (2014)

A slow build up, Operation 21 is a spy movie filled with thrill and excitement as it moves forward. Once again we get to experience Shaan Shahid’s remarkable screen presence in a grim scene setting where suspense keeps us on the edge of our seats. The cat-and-mouse chase is a seller plot since decades but directors Summer Nicks and Jami do not seem eager to cut the chase short, capturing the viewer that only a big climax could relieve. Take your first look at the movie by following the link down below.

  • Jinnah (1998)


Managing to stay away from the controversy through and through, Jinnah is a masterpiece on another level for its groundbreaking cinematography and direction. Jamil Delhvi’s directorial offers a dramatic and tasteful account of Jinnah’s struggle for Pakistan, it would not be a false claim to make that Jinnah can, more than adequately,  quench your thirst for history and patriotism all in one wholesome watch. Sit back and stream the movie to see a graceful depiction of the Quaid of Pakistan for this year’s celebration of Pakistan Resolution Day, and you will understand what we are talking about!

  • Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018)

“Jab Dharti Pukarti hai na, sir! Koi aurr awaaz sunnai nahi deti!” Parwaaz Hai Junoon is an entertainment for the whole patriotic family. A balanced mix of drama, passion and love, it brings Haniya Amir on the big screen as Hamza Ali Abbasi’s counterpart. The movie follows young fighter pilots and their passion for their Nation. Ahad Raza Mir, Kubra Khan and Shaz Khan a delight to watch in the movie. Our advice is that you grab some popcorn beforehand, since you would not be able to get up after the movie starts!

  • Sher Dil (2019)

Sher Dil shines bright as a light comedy featuring MIkaal Zulfiqar as a young aspiring fighter pilot with his friends sharing the dream with him. It has a major romantic angle between Mikaal’s character and his counterpart Armeena Rana Khan. With minimal conflict the story is engaging because of the support of humour, vigour of friendship and spirits of patriotism. For action enthusiasts, Sher Dil offers some amazing dogfights on screen to enjoy, just view the video below and do not take our word for it.

  • Azaadi (2018)

Imran Malik’s Azadi offers a deep insight in the daily struggles of a simple man working for Kashmir’s cause. The script and direction is closer to reality more than any entertainment piece could be, and that is the trophy Azadi holds for itself. Remarkable performances by Sonya Hussyn and Mommar Rana can make you feel as if you are at Kashmir struggling with the characters.

  • Salute (2016)

Tells the heroic story of Atizaz Hassan from KPK, who gave his life up while preventing a suicide bomber from entering a school in Hangu village. The movie brings back some old starts to shine again

Many if not most contemporary directors currently operating in the film scene believe that actors belonging to the preceding era are long gone and past their prime but Saima Noor and Ajab Gul prove them wrong with this effort, especially Saima. 

Watch the trailer for this masterpiece below!