Heart Strings of Heritage Vol III

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I am thrilled to see that the third and final volume of the catalogue, “Heart Stings of Heritage” has been published. The first volume showcased the art and artists of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad capital territory, while the second volume was about Punjab. This volume of “Heart Strings of heritage” focuses on Baluchistan and Sindh.
My Heartiest congratulations to the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National History and Literary Heritage and Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), for bringing this historic effort to fruition. I am confident that art lovers, academics and people at large will be as thrilled with this volume as they were with the previous two.
I would like to specially recognize the efforts of the Director General PNCA and his dedicated team, without whom this achievement was not possible. Thanks are also due to the governments of Baluchistan and Sindh who so generously partnered in this endeavor by sharing and providing data.
And finally I feel highly indebted to Ms. Maryyam Aurangzeb, Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National History and Literary Heritage, for her invaluable guidance and support in bringing this important national project to a successful close.
In this book “Heart Strings of Heritage Vol.III” Database team collected the precious/unique Art assets (Paintings/Artworks) data form different government/official organization of Sindh and Baluchistan for the purpose of reference, record and access to Public/Art lovers. This book is available for sale at National and International level.