Grand Independence Day Celebration


Programme Details
Time: 04:00 p.m.
Event: Inauguration of Miniature Exhibition titled 
“Ustad Shagird”
Time: 05:00 p.m.
Event: Inauguration of Photographic Exhibition 
“Land, Life & People”
Time: 06:30 pm
Performance by: National Performing Arts Group of Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad and Shaanxi Yulin Coal Sea Art Group of China
Lineup / No. of Artists: 
Duration: 100 Minutes
Mehrgarh (Dance)
National Performing Arts Group
Mehrgarh is the oldest of all civilizations ever excavated, tracing its origins sometimes 2500 to 7000 years B.C. the civilization used to be situated in Bolan Pass, in our southern province of Baluchistan. The Mehrgarh depicts the then advanced civilization.
Waist Drum Performance of Northern Shaanxi: 
“The World of Agitation”
Waist Drum performance titled “the World of Agitation” is a dance of Northern Shaanxi Province of People’s Republic of China, performed on the rhythm of traditional Drum. This Dance is performed by a group of Farmers, dressed ostentatiously. The dance has won great acclaim both at home and abroad.
Rubab (Instrumental Performance) 
Mr. Gulab Khel
Rabab is a popular fretless pluck string lute of Pakistan’s north western mountainous region, named Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The instrument comprises of three melody playing and eleven resonating strings, strummed with a plastic plectrum, called “Jawa” or “Shehbaz”.
The young Maestro “Gulab Khail” is a celebrated exponent of Rubab. He is going to perform a popular melody of the mountainous region in accompaniment with percussion “TABLA”.
Sindhi Jhoomer Dance 
National Performing Arts Group
The Sindhi Jhoomer dance is performed by young village girls to celebrate a good harvest. Dressed in their swirling full skirted costumes and silver jewelry they are joined by boys.
Fusion of Vocal and Instrumental Performance
Mr. Usman Raees and Shaanxi Yulin Coal Sea Art Group of China  
Fusion of Pakistani and Chinsese vocal and instrumental music being presented by celebrated local musicians using Rubab, Flute, Violin in accompaniment with percussion Tabla and other Orchestra members. The Young local vocalist, Usman Raees is going to sing a popular Chinese melody, Urdu translated version of the melody will be presented by Female member of the Chinese Dance and Song ensemble.
Yangko Harvest Dance Performance 
Performed by a group of 16 Chinese artists
Based on the original folk Yangko, this version of the dance is transformed into an appealing stage performance. Lively and passionate dance moves in the performance, truly demonstrate the joy of the people for good harvest.
Balti Dance Performance
National Performing Arts Group
Springtime in Baltistan, under the mighty Karakorum at the border with China, boys and girls dance the mendoq tangmo, the flower dance. Boys gather bunches of alpine flowers and meet the girls, who have in the meantime made flower garlands in the village. While dancing, they exchange flowers in expression of mutual liking for one and other.
Suona solo: “Loess sentiment” (Instrumental Performance) 
Performer: Zhao Jun
Using traditional instrument “Suona”, this melodious and mild composition express the boundless attachment and feelings for the Loess Plateau. Unique artistic elements of “Suona” instrument is brought into full play in this musical composition.
Kalash Valley Dance Performance
National Performing Arts Group
In the extreme north western region of Pakistan where the mountains meet the sky, is the valley of the Kalash, inhabited by people of an origin which is still a subject of research. The Kalash dance depicts the people’s closeness with nature. The attractive headgears of the girls are decorated with cowrie shells.
“Donkey Run” (Dance Performance) 
Performed by two Chinese performers
It is a traditional duo folk dance of northern China. Highly popular dance of northern Shaanxi region. In this dance, a woman imitates riding a donkey and a man is dressed up as a person leading the donkey. “Donkey Run” dance generally shows a newly-married rural couple on their way back to parental home passing through ditches and hills dancing together.
Violin (Instrumental Performance) 
Mr. Raees Ahmed
Violin needs no explanation. It is a Western musical instrument, which came to the subcontinent along with Dutch settlers and became an essential part of our orchestra. 
Recipient of President of Pakistan’s Medal for Pride of Performance and Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star Of Distinction), Raees Ahmed is an outstanding violinist of our country who has countless performances to his credit. He will play some popular tunes.
Golden Snake Dance Performance 
Performed by a group of 16 artists
This performance is a contemporary dance that incorporates modern and classical dance elements showing strength and flexibility in group dances. Dressed in green tights, the movements of artists deliver a vigorous, acrobatic, skilled, magnificent and powerful performance
Khattak Dance Performance 
National Performing Arts Group
The Khattak dance from the legendary Khyber Pass, is performed by a male group of hardy tribesmen to celebrate the valour of the Pakhtoons who successfully resisted the attempts to subjugate them and tried to colonize their land.
Folk Songs of Northern Shaanxi (Folk Songs Medley)
Singer: Xue Xiang Fei
This collection of outstanding folk songs from northern Shaanxi reflects all aspects of social life, carrying feelings of bitterness, joy, love, and envoy of the people of northern Shaanxi. It reflects the people’s yearning for a better life, new social life, and new identity

Flute (Instrumental performance) 
Mr. Salman Adil
Flute is an instrument well known all over the world. It consists of a Bamboo tube with 6 melody playing holes and one for blowing. It is usually held horizontally and played by directing the breath across.
The Maestro Salman Adil handles the instrument with consummate skill and ease. He is going to present a popular folk tune
Yangko Dance of Northern Shaanxi 
Performed by 17 Chinese artists
This is traditional dance Portrays the characteristics of the people of Northern Shaanxi Plateau, which is farmers for liveliness and cheerfulness of it masses. Carrying umbrellas, Dancing in duos and trios on the drum beats are the colourful characteristic of the Yangko Dance.
Bhangra (Dance Performance) 
National Performing Arts Group
The Bhangra Dance is a symbol of the colors and vigor of the Punjab. The free style Bhangra dance is performed by a group of young males and females to welcome the spring and to celebrate the rich harvest. The dance is being performed by the dancers of National Performing Arts Group.
Dhole (Instrumental Performance) 
Mr. Shaukat Ali
The percussion Dhole is a two feet long oblong drum used for providing accompaniment of Folk songs and dances. It is made of a hollowed piece of tree trunk, whose openings at both the ends is covered with stretched parchments and is tuned to a certain tonic by tightening or loosening of the leather or cotton braces.