NAG Islamabad (PNCA)

9th National Exhibition


9th National Exhibition coincides with 70th Independence Celebrations and is being revived after a gap of 13 years as a regular annual event. Prior to the big event, PNCA organized a series of regional exhibitions representing all provinces which were given relevant context according to the cultural heritage of the land such as; 

  1.  * From Mehergarh to Quetta.
  2.  * From Harappa to Lahore via Katas.
  3.  * From Akra to Peshawar via Takht Bai.
  4.  * From Mohenjo-Daro to Karachi via Makli.
  5.  * From Takht bai to Islamabad.

The reoccurring theme of culture connects the work of artists from different regions, as it becomes a point of intersection for people itself. The exhibitions represented the land, life, people and the cultural diversity of Pakistan which culminated into National Exhibition as the work for National Exhibition was selected by competent committees from all regional exhibitions. The exhibition includes works of almost 500 artists from all over Pakistan, in the first National Exhibition being held in the new building. Artists have used broad spectrum of formats and techniques including painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, miniature installations and videos.