National Puppet Theatre


National Puppet Theatre was established in 1975. It was a great step taken by Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Ministry of Culture & Pakistan in order to revive the most popular folk art, which because of the negligence was dying. Two groups were sent to China for Rod puppet training in 1975 & 1979 & a third was sent to Poland in 1987.Since then its quest to promote the art of puppetry at home and in remote/ far flung areas of Pakistan is in progress. NPT is carrying on its services to entertain/educate the children and norms through puppetry at home by conducting free puppet shows every Friday at Liaquat Memorial Hall Rawalpindi in the past & is carrying on this legacy of entertainment even today every Monday at National Art Gallery Islamabad with its eleven member’s team. This team of NPT also holds shows every year to highlight important international events like Earthquake Victims Day, Kashmir Solidarity Day, Pakistan Day Celebrations, Independence Day Celebrations, World Tourism Day, and Universal Children Day & Quaid-e-Azam Day Celebrations. National puppet theatre has numerous puppets, which are hand made by the apprentices of National Puppet Theatre and this section has trained many groups.