Youth Drama Festival 2017


Invitation For Participation in“Youth Drama Festival 2017”

PNCA, Repertory Theatre section has been providing hundred of youngsters with the opportunity to appear before an audience on the National Stage since many years in the Youth Drama Festival that takes place at the PNCA Auditorium.

We are pleased to announce the extension for submission of your entries till 05th March 2017. As the festival dates are rescheduled for the first week of April 2017. We are inviting your prestigious Institution to take part in this wonderful event. So you are requested to kindly send your entries before 05th March 2017.

The “PNCA Youth Drama Festival 2017” will be a wonderful week of entertainment, Showcasing young talent from different colleges, Universities and Youth Drama clubs from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, who will compete for the Awards. This year PNCA is offering prize money to the first three best productions that is already mentioned in rules and regulations of the festival.

The Rules and Regulations for the Youth Drama Festival 2017 are attached herewith.

Your prompt reply will be appreciated. For further details you may contact: 051-9208810.

Rules and Regulations..... Download Here

  1. 2-3 copies of play with excerpt to be performed must be sent to PNCA, Repertory Drama Section no later than 05th March 2017 for scrutiny. 

All entries should be received through the University/College/ Youth Drama club management on their official letter heads. 

Cash prize awards will be given to first 3 productions, that will be

                First Best Production                            Rs. 100,000/-

                Second Best Production                       Rs. 75,000/-

                Third Best Production                           Rs. 50, 000/- respectively