Screening of French Film "Compartment Killers"

Pakistan National Council of the Arts in collaboration with the Embassy of France and Alliance Francaise screening Director/Producer/Writer Costa Gavras film ‘Compartment Killers’ in PNCA on September 18.

French-Greek director Costa Gavras is an international name in the international film world. He was born in Greece but never made a film there. He has lived and worked in France. His name has usually been associated with political thrillers like Z, Missing, ‘State of Siege’ and ‘The Confession.’ He has won distinguished international film awards for these daring titles. He got French Knighthood in 2007 and became President of Cinematheque Francaise, one of the world's largest film archives.

Costa Gavras studied law. He later studied films at the prestigious French National Film School and assisted famous director Rene Clair. His first Film ‘Compartment Killers’, made in 1965, is now being screened at PNCA.

The films deals with six people on a train to Paris. It was also re-titled as ‘The Sleeping Car Murders.’

This film apart, Costa Gavras has not just made suspense thrillers. Political revolts, conflicts, corruption and thrills in the world of dirty politics have been his favorite subjects. These are the subjects which may not be favorite with mass audiences but he does not make films for mass audiences. According to him, he does not march with politics. “All films are political,” he says “Even action films where hero is saving the earth with a gun are political.” According to him, every story has its own style. Resistance is most important thing where relationships are destroyed by global politics, ideologies and beliefs. Abuses of authority is meant for those who resist. Film is about attracting audiences to have them go away, think and guide the soul. The role of entertainment is to do that.