Quaid Ka Pakistan




Quaid-e-Azam was alone and strong, equipped with honesty and armed  with the strength of character he profoundly understood the distress of his people and diagnosed its causes with perfect accuracy and acted lawfully to cure them, fighting mighty opponent to win the war of independence of Pakistan. We celebrate his iron will and his struggle based on high moral values and uncompromising integrity with law as his strongest weapon.

This year Quaid-e-Azam Day (December 25) is being celebrated with usual fervor & enthusiasm.  The endeavor is to rekindle the devotion, hope and commitment to Quaid’s ideals among the future guardians and builders of the nation so that they learn to understand what responsibilities and hard work lies ahead of them.

Ministry of Information, Broadcasting & National Heritage Division & all its entities are engaged in putting together a mega event to pay tribute to the father of the nation in a befitting manner.  The theme of the celebrations is to move around “Quaid ka Pakistan”

Pakistan National Council of the Arts has chalked out elaborate program representing varied dimensions of Visual & Performing Arts.

These include;


  • Jashn e Quaid, a Grand scale display of Quaid’s portraits, Pakistan flag and Flowers of Pakistan by 10,000 children through printed play cards.
  • Aks e Quaid, On Spot Painting Competition on the theme of “Quaid Ka Pakistan”
  • Lets Paint our Quaid, a large 24’x30’ portrait of Quaid by 720 children (collective activity)
  • A mosaic of our Quaid painted by 1440 children comprising 1440 images of Quaid e Azam
  • Humara Quaid, Tableaus on the topic of Quaid’s Pakistan(competition)
  • Competition of National songs by children (solo & corus)
  • Speech Contest (English) “Quaid as Father of the Nation”
  • Speech Contest (Urdu) “Quaid-e-Azam, Baba-e-Qaum ko bachay kis nazar say dekhtey hein”
  • Quaid-e-Azam, Baba-e-Qaum ko bachay kitna jantay hein” A Quiz Competition
  • Aqwal e Quaid, a Puppet Show based on Quaid,s messages


We are approaching you with the request to kindly encourage a group of children comprised of 50-100 children representing all provinces with aptitude for the above listed activities & stamina to hold the painted boards for some time during the display.  The age group should be between 8 to 16 years and gender equity must be ensured. You are requested to confirm nominations by Monday December 5th, 2016. Younger children (age 8-10 years) will be confined to visual art competition only.

Once the confirmation/nomination is received from your side our representative will access you to determine further modalities.

PNCA will facilitate before time with visual reference and orientation sessions and workshop to make children understand the technical aspect.  The participating children will be provided with the certificates and the school performing the best will be awarded shields.