Pakistan National Council of the Arts is organizing National Theatre Festival 2017 at PNCA Auditorium Islamabad. The festival is being held in connection with the 70 years of Pakistan Independence day celebrations.

The Objective of the Festival is to foster healthy theatrical activities by providing a National platform to the leading theatre groups in the country.

We are pleased to invite Theatre Groups from all over the country to participate in the said festival and avail a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent at National level and share their ideas with likeminded theatre enthusiasts.

The Rules and Regulations for the National Theatre Festival 2017 are attached herewith.

Your prompt reply will be appreciated. For further details, you may contact Mr. Samiullah Baloch on 051-9205389 Ms. Wajeeha Fatima on 051-9208810.


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Entries to the Festival are warmly welcomed from Theatre groups from all over the country. Following are the Rules and Regulations for the National Theatre Festival 2017.

1.     PNCA will pay an amount of Rs. 1,50,000/- as a production cost.

2.     The Number of Participants of each group shall not exceed 12, including the Director/ Producer/ Actors/ Technicians etc. In case the number exceeds 12 members, the expenditures on boarding and lodging will be borne by the group.

3.     PNCA will provide lower AC. return train fare for 10 members of the group arriving from Sindh, Baluchistan and AC. return coach fare will be given to groups from KP, Azad Kashmir, and Punjab. Two Return Air Tickets will be provided for the Playwright, director or producer of the play in case of coming from Sindh and Baluchistan.

4.     PNCA will provide boarding and lodging for 2 nights (Maximum) to the groups from Punjab, Azad Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 6 nights’ maximum to the groups from Sindh, Baluchistan, Southern Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan for the 12 members of each group. Any extended stay will have to be arranged by the groups by themselves.

5.     The performance can be of any kind but only in Urdu language. Every script should not be against national security, nationalism or state.

6.     Adaptations are allowed.

7.     The duration of the play must be within 70 to 100 Minutes.

  1. A correct and complete list of cast and crew is required for entry into the festival.


  1. Each group will use suggestive sets. The design of the set will be provided to PNCA in advance. PNCA will provide the facility of set Designer, Stagehands, electricians, carpenters to every group.
  2. Stage Props like sofa set, Beds, center table, Amirah, chairs etc. will be provided by PNCA. Small props will be managed by the groups.

11.  PNCA will not provide any makeup person and makeup material.

12.  All the costumes will be arranged by the groups.

13.  PNCA will provide all available light and sound facilities with technical staff to each group. Special light or sound effects if any will be arranged by the group.

14.  The producer will obtain NOC from the author of the script and will also be responsible for making all necessary payments to all the cast and crew members out of production fee.

15.  Video recording/ photography will not be allowed to the groups.

16.  PNCA has all the rights to reject any script at any moment.

17.  Scripts will be strictly followed during performance.

18.  Every group after selection has to fill a bond with PNCA showing the willingness against the rules and regulations.


  1. 2-3 copies of play with excerpt to be performed must be sent to PNCA, Repertory Drama Section no later than 30 September 2017 for scrutiny. The plays received after this date will only be considered if any other group will withdraw from the festival. All scripts should be properly typed in Urdu language.


  1. All entries should be received through the Theatre group management on their official letter heads. A related person with his/her official details and contact numbers must be mentioned for future correspondence.


  1. Only 25-45best entries will be selected for their performance in the festival. The schedule of the festival with the selected plays will be announced after scrutiny on 15 October 2017 on PNCA website, i-e,


  1. Every Theatre Group will be responsible for the good behavior in the premises. Disturbances during rehearsals and performances will not be tolerated. Any damages to the facilities or premises shall be borne by the participants.


  1. Production fee in the form of a cheque will be given to each and every group after their performance.
  1. Any change in the schedule, will be informed well in time to the group
  2. PNCA shall also reserve the rights to invite the guests on invitation cards.