National Artists’ Convention

National Artists’ Convention is an initiative by PNCA to underscore various issues and problems confronting the artist’s community and as a consequence adversely affecting the cultural environment of the society at large. Currents and counter currents about culture in conditions mostly hostile towards creative expression have raised many problems and solved few. One step forward two steps backwards has been the norm of cultural movement for several decades, and the trend does not seem to let up. In such conditions both the art and the artist suffer immensely. The proposed convention will invite the leading names of various forms of art to one platform to discuss threadbare cultural issues and conclude with recommendations for submission to the authorities to take necessary steps to alleviate the condition of the artists and try to remove ambiguities prevailing in various fields of arts because of certain state neglect and interest groups promoting their vested influence. Apathy and indifference have resulted in stagnation of all forms of Arts. Old masters are neglected and budding artists are stifled. Under these circumstances a gathering of practicing artists to share views, discuss issues and find solutions is an undeniable imperative for which an artists’ convention can serve as the best platform. 

The convention will open with interrogative remark whether art and culture is a necessity? If so do we have a well-defined National Cultural Policy? To be followed by over viewing of current state of the arts and culture, the artist and his role in the society and the role they do or can play in complimenting education, economy and national integration. Can culture be applied as a counter measure – for extremism? Can it be used as an instrument for promoting international relations and universal understanding, and to promote positive image. Art and Culture in this context will include all streams of Visual and Performing Arts including Cinema.

The convention will include papers on following subjects.

1. The validity of Art and Culture, its current status and challenges

2. Can Art and Culture bring about social change?

3.Education of arts & culture and its promotion

4. Welfare of artists

After the paper reading and panel discussion the participants will form their respective focus groups to deliberate on issues specific to their fields and come out with realistic proposals/ demands