Defining Moments

Exhibition of Paintings “Defining Moments” by Nusratji.

An exhibition of oil paintings by Nusratji was opened at “The National Art Gallery PNCA” on January 6th 2020.


Nusratji is a well-known artist whose a impressionistic style in her identity. Nustratji belongs to “Post Impressionist School” and applies paints on two-dimensional surface to create three-dimensional effects in oils with palette knife through her impressionistic style. Her paintings are all wrapped up in a strong cultural ethos where human emotions mingle with an imaginative world of power and interaction between strokes and projections. She constructs various elements that interest her like mist, haze, wind, fire, speed, action, power, movement etc, and captures a moment where the light gives each a singular quality. She assembles these elements filtering through memory and experience using colour and tone, flatness and depth, underpinned by an elusive linear structure. 


Beside multiple subjects and representation of heritage of Pakistan, her work is mostly figurative, she has painted horses with great interest painting in the impressionistic technique the artist has effectively captured the element of speed and swiftness in her series on Horses in action. Her close observation and detailed study of abstract elements is evident from her bold use of colours and stokes. Her work is an invitation to open communication with her perception and viewers ability to grasp. Being a painter perhaps she stands first in painting horses.