PNCA is holding a youth contest of short Films, Documentaries, Photomontages and Digital stories about the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to introduce and highlight the art and culture along the Silk Route from Khunjrab Pass to Gwadar. 
        Youth living along the Silk Route can document their respective areas, cities, towns and villages incorporating local music, art, historic sites, traditions, customs, dresses, food and history.
        Impressions of children and older people about their places of residence work and study could also be included. 
        Special event, festivals and exceptional happenings in their areas could also be made part of their work.
Prizes will be awarded to best entries in different categories judged by a jury of experts. Selected entries will be exhibited in six different cities of Pakistan at the conclusion of the contest. Young people interested in taking part in the contest or need further information may contact PNCA