National Puppet Theatre

Aims & Objectives

The main purpose & aim of National Puppet Theatre is to promote the dying art of puppetry and to educate the children and norms using puppets as tools in a soft and subtle manner.

The shows at home/ far flung areas of Pakistan encompasses wide horizon of current social issues like.

  1. Importance of education
  2. Awareness and prevention of Dengue fever
  3. Family ties
  4. Environment issues
  5. Awareness against use of drugs/ smoking, etc

These issues are presented in light & interesting manner, but with an underlying sobriety and seriousness through the art of puppetry. People and children gain knowledge from these interesting musical shows and get transformed through the moral & historical stories acted out by the puppeteers. The performances not only include serious issues but also the color of Pakistan in the form of Folk Dances of our four provinces, funny and amusing skits, jokes and infotainment at the full.